Overland Expo 2022: 4 great events for the latest in gear and how to adventure

Mar 15, 2022

What is the Overland Expo?

If you own an off-road adventure vehicle, or are thinking of getting one, the Overland Expo is a great place to learn about what’s new.

And with 4 regional events across the US you can find one Expo just a short adventure away from home.

At Overland Expo 2022 you can:

    • see vehicles outfitted with the newest gear
    • explore exhibits of adventure accessories and technologies, and
    • enjoy hundreds of expert speakers, classes and demonstrations.

    You can also join a riding skills course with your own motorcycle, and test-drive an adventure bike or new Ford Bronco.

    It’s a big 3-day event experience, one where you gather real in-depth knowledge and learn how vehicle overlanding can become a part of your journeys into the great outdoors.

    Here’s an event overview from the Overland Expo 2022 website:

    “Overland Expo® is the world’s premier event series for do-it-yourself adventure travel enthusiasts, with hundreds of session-hours of classes for 4-wheel-drive enthusiasts and adventure motorcyclists, inspirational programs, speakers & trainers from all over the world, the Overland Film Festival, roundtable discussions, demonstrations, food, and a large expo featuring several hundred vendors of adventure travel equipment, camping gear, bikes, vehicles, and services.”

    Photo credit: Overland Expo

    Where and when - 4 Overland Expo events in 2022

    In 2022, there are four Overland Expo events to choose from: in the West, Pacific Northwest (PNW), Mountain (MTN) West, and East.

    Dates, locations, and links, below. (By the way, the Overland Expo website is new and an excellent user experience.)

    West: May 20-22, 2022 - Flagstaff, AZ

    PNW: July 8-10, 2022 - Bend (Redmond), OR

    MTN West: August 26-28, 2022 - Loveland, CO

    East: October 7-9, 2022 - Arrington, VA

    Experience the world of off-road vehicles, and meet fellow overland enthusiasts of 4WD and motorcycles

    It’s been a few years since the Cannonball Adventure team had a chance to attend an Overland Expo. But we did get to enjoy the 2018 event in Brevard, North Carolina, just south of Asheville.

    One of the best parts is the people you’ll meet. Everyone’s excited to be there and to see, in person, so many examples of outfitted adventure trucks. And it’s not just the vehicles brought in by exhibitors, but also the personal rigs of attendees that come for the day or to camp on-site for several nights.

    Riders of adventure motorcycles are also a big part of the Expo events each year.

    There are plenty of exhibits and programs just for adventure bikes. Riding skills courses on-site, for off-road and free-style, are offered at many levels for those who bring their own motorcycles. You also get to meet groups of adventure riders that journey together to enjoy both the expo and community experience of overland enthusiasts.

    What you will find is that everyone goes to Overland Expo ready to share ideas, insights and personal adventure experiences. Don’t be shy - ask questions. Chit-chat, and take it all in.

    Enjoy exhibits, the adventure life-style atmosphere, and plenty of after-hours fun

    Bringing together a mix of participants, partners and the best in specialized industry suppliers, the Overland Expo continues to expand year with more adventure vehicle-related products, activities and well-planned event areas.

    Kids are welcomed, and so are dogs. And depending on the Expo location, late day events can include happy hours, a film festival, roundtable discussions and motorcycle riding exhibitions.

    For all the details, check out the webpage on each of the 4 Overland Expo 2022 events. Main website at


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