Designs to savor your life of adventure on wheels

Art created by one artist, architect, adventure riding enthusiast.

We love adventure vehicles.

That’s why we bring you designs to celebrate your journeys traveling on distant highways or exploring some off-road trail.

Art for Cannonball Adventure is created by me, an artist, architect, designer, and long-time adventure riding enthusiast.

My hand-drawn illustrations are inspired by a thrill for riding and by the legacy of those classic adventure motorcycles and overland trucks. Over the years, I’ve loved and owned both.

Ideas for my original sketches also come from mountain biking and hitting the downhill trails with my family.

Adventure vehicles just make us happy.

And we hope our designs will also make you smile.

Here’s to remembering your travels and dreaming about your next adventure on two or four wheels!

How it all began

Maybe my love of adventure vehicles started early. I still remember thumping down a sidewalk on a beat-up Big Wheel, and drifting down the hill to my friend’s house. The world was big to a 7 year old, and that journey felt epic.

But my real love affair with vehicles began in college, while studying architecture at Virginia Tech. My room mate let me ride the $500 CB550 he had just bought over the summer, and I was immediately hooked.

That bike became my gateway to exploring the winding roads of Blue Ridge Mountains. Even better, when I was riding the rest of the world would melt away, and all I could focus on was the moment in front of me.

Since then, I’ve owned, fixed, and longed for a variety of old motorcycles and adventure vehicles. Many of them I’ve actually used for my daily journeys, and they’ve all been great.

I can’t get enough of those vehicles. And just one look at a favorite bike or off-road truck will still spark fond memories and start me thinking about my next ride.

Where will your next adventure take you?
Which adventure vehicle always gets your engine running?

Shop designs of motorcycles, off-road trucks and mountain bikes to remind you of racing down happy trails.